How It Works

How It Works

Passed Pawn Advisors is a new breed of a hybrid financial advisor. We specialize in thematic and impact investing. In addition to creating and managing low-cost, risk-adjusted, diversified automated core portfolios for the clients, we also provide customized portfolios based on your values and passions. Over 300 themes, including Green Utilities, Drones, Internet of Things, Immunotherapy, and Frontier Markets, are matched to your profile and actively managed.

Whatever your personal situation, your goals and values, or your investable capital, we’ll work with you to create a portfolio that is right for you.

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Our Investing Philosophy

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The investment advisory business is undergoing a profound industry change. A multitude of new companies, as well as some of the larger and more established players in the industry, are attempting to utilize technology to create an automated solution.

During this process, investors are often assigned to “boxes,” whereby anyone with a “long investment horizon” and a “moderate risk tolerance” may end up with the same sample portfolio. Sometimes the product you get for very low fees is exactly what you paid for.

Our asset allocation process includes both our analysis of market and economic conditions with future expectations on one hand, and an extensive client profile on the other. These allocations are then translated into actual investment choices, based on our proprietary research that take into account suitability, risk/reward characteristics, liquidity, overall costs, and tax considerations.

This step creates core holdings designed to be the bulk of the portfolio for the long term. A smaller portion is then allocated to satellite holdings designed to take tactical advantage for shorter investment periods, to provide access to a narrow market niche, or to reflect each investor’s specific values or requests.

The research is ongoing, to ensure that these investment choices still meet the adviser’s and client’s criteria, as well as to uncover new, potentially superior opportunities.

The initial portfolio construction is only a start. Active portfolio management is a critical part of risk management, and periodic rebalancing is necessary to achieve superior results and to make sure that the portfolio remains within the designed allocation and risk parameters.

We are not bound by any benchmark or predetermined allocation by asset class, sector or geography, which gives us the flexibility to pursue what we believe are the best opportunities within the client’s risk tolerance.

Tax efficiency and optimization is an additional consideration in our portfolio construction and rebalancing process.

We at Passed Pawn Advisors are avid fans of technology. We believe there are a number of exciting opportunities that technology can provide to the investment industry.

However, we also believe that no two people are alike. And while investment horizon and risk tolerance are important and necessary factors in investment decisions, so are the person’s goals and values.

Many investors may have a view on economic trends at the macro or industry levels that they wish to express in their portfolio. We take it all under consideration. The more we know about the client, the more we think we can help. We rely on experience, research, quantitative methods and technology for custom individual portfolio solutions.

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