Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a financial advisor?
Why should I use Passed Pawn Advisors?
What types of services do you provide?
What types of accounts do you manage?
What is the investment minimum to open an account?
Does it matter where I live?
I work in the financial industry. Is that a problem?
Do you have a mobile app?
What are registration benefits?


Why do you have different pricing levels?
How do I get started?
I already have a broker. Can I keep my account?
I don’t have a brokerage account. How would I choose a broker?
What are my account fees? Are there any hidden fees?
Who is Motif Investing and why should I use them?
Why can't I just use Motif Investing services directly?
Is my money and personal data safe?
How will I be charged?
Who will send me tax documents?
How do I change my password?


How does the asset allocation process work?
What are satellite investments?
What are hybrid investments?
What is thematic investing?
What is impact investing?
What if I don’t see my theme or the right impact investing?
For the Power plan, what types of investments will you recommend?
Will I know what I’m investing in?
Can I limit or increase my exposure to any specific type of investment?
Do you act in my best financial interest?
Are you compliant with the DOL fiduciary rule?
How often will you rebalance my portfolio?
What happens to dividends?
What is my investment risk?
Can I use margin accounts?


What does the name of your company mean?
What do I do if I have a problem or a question?
Can I talk to a financial advisor?
Why do you donate to charity?
Can I choose my own charity?
Do you sell my personal information?
Can you help me learn more about markets and investing?
How do I give you feedback?