Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a financial advisor?
Why should I use Passed Pawn Advisors?
What types of services do you provide?
What types of accounts do you manage?
What is the investment minimum to open an account?
I work in the financial industry. Is that a problem?
Why should I register?
How do I get started?


What types of investments will you recommend?
Will I know what I’m investing in?
Can I limit or increase my exposure to any specific type of investment?
What is my investment risk?
Can I use margin accounts?


How do I setup my account?
I already have a broker. Can I keep my account?
I don’t have a brokerage account. How would I choose a broker?
What are my account fees? Are there any hidden fees?
Who is Motif Investing and why should I use them?
How do I change my password?


What do I do if I have a problem or a question?
How do I give you feedback?